I would find all of this easier to put up with if I was whizzing along at a rate of knots in the high winds, but the waves seem to suck me backwards as much as they push me forwards, while making rowing very difficult. So the mileage was not very impressive. I spent most of the day wet and cold and mildly frustrated, so although I wasn’t really down in the dumps, my spirits weren’t exactly up either. Sigh. It’s all character-building stuff.

“Bio-Bandage® is the first in a line of revolutionary treatments to help your pond, freshwater or marine fishes recover from injuries”.

On a lighter note, I did spare a thought for the chaps downstairs. They are still there, sticking with me through thick and thin. Occasionally I could see them surfing down a wave, heading straight for the side of my boat. I couldn’t see what happened then. I kept wondering if I would end up with a dorado in my lap as a wave comes in over the side. Or do they take evasive action at the last possible moment and duck beneath the hull? Or do they ever misjudge the distance and run headfirst into the side of the boat?

It made me smile to think of a poor little dorado, having collided with Sedna’s side, with a bandage on his nose. Not that fish have noses – or bandages. But hey, sometimes you just have to laugh.

Photo: Hmmm, no idea. Perhaps you can find a picture of a fish with a bandage on its nose….!!!  No, I did not find such a picture, hope the one I did find will give you a laugh. Rita.

Other Stuff:

Thanks for the comments on my rosy view of the future. I agree that there may well be some extremely challenging times (for which read “global catastrophes”) between now and then. And I am duly wearing my metaphorical sneakers. In fact, a small part of me can’t help thinking “bring it on”, just so we can get through the apocalypse and into a brighter post-apocalyptic future. But I’m sure it will be here soon enough, without any wishing from me.

Stan – I agree that population may be an unpleasantly self-correcting issue. We can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way….

Tom Brown – thanks for your precis of your view of the future. I liked the sound of the supersonic public transport and the built-in phones. I even like the sound of the subscraper cities, being a fairly urban girl for all my talk of self-sufficiency. But your view of the future of food had me feeling rather queasy – and nothing to do with the waves. I’ll make the most of present forms of food while I can!

Eric – okay, we can have your supercities in the future. I would definitely be happier in a future where I’m a short walk away from a coffee shop!

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Quote for the day: “We are all in the same boat in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.” G K Chesterton

Sponsored Miles: Nick Perdiew, Hans Verwey, Andrew Rutherford and Simon and Eve Ringsmuth sponsored some of yesterday’s miles; Chris Ferreira, Doug Grandt and Simon and Eve Ringsmuth sponsored miles a thousand further on, beyond Roz’s intended goal. Thank you to all of them.