Lisa White spreading the ASC message at one of the largest Outdoor Industry events in the country. Photo Credit Lisa White.

I first became familiar with the Outdoor Retailers Show two years ago when I was coincidentally in Salt Lake City during the Summer Market exhibition.  Having travelled to Salt Lake many times prior, I realized that there was something different going on this time, maybe it was the extra runners on the trail that morning, or the general buzz around the city, but I knew something was up.  My hotel concierge kindly explained and when he saw the excitement building in my eyes, politely ended with “it’s not open to the public”.  With no hope of making it through the doors of The Salt Palace that year, I set out to remedy my predicament.  Which is why, I feel incredibly lucky that through my affiliation with ASC, I was able to attend the show this year to represent their interests.  

For starters, Salt Lake City in August is glorious!  The ninety degree, sunny weather challenged me to be inside for two days rather than trail running, kayaking, mountain biking or rock climbing, but I persisted and it was worth it.  Think of the OR show as your favorite gear shop turned inside out … all of the people who think of, build, design,  and test the irresistible goodies and gadgets at your local store are here, in one place, peddling their wares.  

More than seeing first-hand the coolest new outdoor trinkets; though, I noticed that I was among friends.  There was a tremendous sense of community at the Salt Palace.  Without exception, every person that I spoke with about ASC’s mission was intrigued and wanted to know more.  It is a good feeling to know that so many people truly have a passion for the outdoors; it’s an even better feeling to know that those same people are so supportive of others.   By the end of the show, it was evident to me that by continuing to work together, we can reach our shared goals of spreading  a love of the outdoors and conserving all of the wonderful things that it has to offer us.    

By Lisa White ASC Adventurer and Advocate