Citizen Science Form

This is the form for hiring ASC to guide citizen science outings.  If you are an individual athlete wanting to participate as a citizen scientist, the proper form can be found on our Find an Advisor Page.  

    Your Citizen-Science Outing 

A few things to keep in mind.  

  • We work with primarily with Military Veterans, Students, and Members of the Community.
  • We operate citizen-science outings year round.
  • We can accommodate up to 20 people per trip in the summer and about 12 in the winter.
  • We can work in any geographical area.
  • You do not need to have a scientific mission ready when you approach us, we can find the researchers who need information from the areas you wish to work in.
  • Our Projects usually last from 2 days – 1 week.  
  • We can recruit project participants for you

I learned to recognize all types of wildlife tracks, traces, hairs, and scats; I learned about the scourge of Blister Rust and the pressure it places on
grizzly habitat; I discovered the ethos of Leave No Trace camping; but most of all, I learned that anyone, regardless of experience, can make a difference.
– Refah Seyed Mahmoud
2011 Grizzly Centennial Tracking Participant

The weekend would have been successful even if our goal had just been outreach and education. With a diverse team of volunteers we were able to cover a huge amount of ground, and our efforts may ultimately help protect bears and their habitat.
-Whitney Leonard 
Natural Resources Defense Council

The weekend was a huge success.  The participation of 13 volunteers allowed us to split into six groups over the two days, and cover more wolverine trail segments than we could have possibly covered on our own.  The productivity of our tracking efforts, in terms of distance covered and samples collected was probably three times greater than what we would have accomplished without ASC volunteers.
-Steve Gehman
Wild Things Unlimited.