carbon cycling

Carbon Cycling in the Great Lakes

Location:  Great Lakes from Lake Superior to the St. Lawrence
Principal Investigator: Leigh McCallister, Virigina Commonwealth University
Leigh McCallister has been doing research on the Carbon cycle in Lake Superior for the past 4 years and is now interested in extending her research  in order to construct a model of C-cycling for the all of the Great Lakes. This research will help them understand whether the Great Lakes are taking up CO2 from the atmosphere, or if they are emitting it.   
This project can be done by kayak, canoe, sailboat or any means of transportation over water. 
 For the water samples volunteers would need to syringe filter water (about 40 ml each sample) and add a preservative.


Lake Superior
The data will complement data we already have for Lake Superior and will provide us information on the other lakes which function very differently!
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