AK Marmots

Coastal Alaska Marmots

Hoary marmots (Marmota caligata) are generally considered to be alpine mammals, and they are throughout much of their range. However, in Alaska they’re known to occur at sea level as well–but not in intervening habitats. This has important implications for their ecology as well as how they may be responding to climate change.

How will this data be used?

Observations (including coordinates and, when available, photographs) will be permanently archived on Arctos, the online database used by the University of Alaska Museum and several partner institutions. Data will be used in scientific publications and management decisions (this research is funded in part by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Nongame Program)

How Can You Participate?

Volunteers encountering marmots at or near sea level would record the coordinates on a GPS and, ideally, take photographs of the marmot(s) and e-mail their observations (including coordinates AND the datum setting on their GPS unit—WGS is preferred but any other datum can be converted) to link.olson@alaska.edu