Travelling to and from work can often be the most challenging part of the day for the Landmark crew, based on the American Prairie Reserve. While the majority of us fight through traffic jams or wait impatiently at stop lights, the Landmark crew struggles to overcome a very different set of obstacles. Here, crew member Deniz Bertuna takes you along on an afternoon commute in January. ​
“The crew and I recently had quite the adventure trying to gain access to some of the more remote areas of Burnt Lodge. I made this short edit showcasing the winding and snow blown roads that were barely visible with our first pass into the area. Once we were at our furthest point with the drive, I realized that it would be fun and interesting to document. Our fantastic vehicle – Sage Juice – definitely had a solid workout as did the rest of the crew hiking to the camera locations and shoveling  a couple of larger drifts so we could continue to drive. It was absolutely one of my favorite days and we all had a blast!” – Deniz Bertuna, ASC Landmark crew member

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