I’m a raft guide, do I need to sign my guests up too?
We ask that you don’t sign any guests up. If you are going to be collecting data during a guided trip, guests cannot assist in sample collection unless they have been signed up and completed the training course.

Can I bypass lottery or permit based rivers if I join the project?
No. If you signed up to collect samples on a river that is restricted to a lottery or permitted system, you need to obtain these yourself. Adventure Scientists will not be responsible for securing positions in a lottery or float permits.

Does it cost anything to volunteer?
You don’t have to pay any fees to volunteer with Adventure Scientists, and we will reimburse you upon request for any expenses you might incur when you ship us samples or buy sampling materials. Please consider covering these costs yourself whenever reasonable as a small donation to conservation research.

Can I apply without a partner?
You are required to apply with at least one partner for safety and protocol purposes.

Can I apply with a large group?
For data-quality measures, we ask that groups of four or more break up into teams of no more than three individuals.

Can I train my friends to collect data?
No. Adventure Scientists is solely responsible for the training of each of our volunteers. If your friends want to be involved in sample collection, they’ll need to be trained. Please make sure your friends apply directly with us to participate in the project.

Can Adventure Scientists help me find a data collection partner?
We request that you choose your own partner and know and trust their abilities in the field.

Can Adventure Scientists sponsor me on my next adventure?
No. We rely on your contributions as a volunteer to help us advance conservation research. If you are interested in promoting your work as an Adventure Scientists volunteer, tag us when you post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or reach out to us at media@adventurescientists.org to collaborate.

If you have additional inquires, reach out to us at rivers@adventurescientists.org!