Can I go into the field alone to collect data?
Ideally, we’d like you to bring at least one other person when you head out to collect data. This person can assist with collecting auxiliary data (e.g, site observations, GPS points, date, time, photos, etc.), but may not help you collect primary data (e.g., handle specimens).

Can I train my friends to collect data?
No. Adventure Scientists is solely responsible for the training of each of our volunteers. Your friends may help you take a GPS point or photos, but if they want to be more involved in sample collection, they’ll need to be trained. Please send your friends our way to get trained as official volunteers!

When do I get gear?
We send out one gear kit per team and we send it to the designated team leader. The team leader was the first person to apply for the project. If you are a team member, you likely got a link to sign up for the project from your team leader. Once the team leader completes the online training and signs a waiver, we’ll send the gear kit!

Was I supposed to receive an increment borer?
The project partners only need a few eastern white oak cores from select geographies. If you didn’t receive specific communication from us about collecting cores, you aren’t collecting a tree core for this project! Your leaf, twig, and acorn cap samples are what we need.

Why can’t I get the Sign-up map to work?
Visit the Maps & Permits page (accessible through the volunteer homepage). Scroll down to the first section and click “Sign in to your account to view the map.” A new tab will open. Visit that tab and log into your ArcGIS account. (You create this login during the Before Adventure section of the training.)

Once logged in, return to the Maps & Permits page and click “Get started with the sampling sign up.” The sign-up map and form will be displayed for you to fill out.

Why does the area I want to sign up for say “Further Action Required – you must contact Adventure Scientists”?
Some areas require your name to be on the permit before you sample. Email us at timber@adventurescientists.org with the location you want to sample and anticipated dates. We’ll add you to the permit!

How do I return samples and gear?
We include a pre-paid shipping label in the gear package we send you. Use that label to return samples and gear by mail. Be sure to include all of your gear (samples in envelopes, field guide, saw toss, disinfecting kit, and tape). Pack everything up in the same box that equipment arrived in or a similar box, attach the included shipping label and drop off at a FedEx location.

Shipping is expensive for us! If you’d like to donate the cost of shipping your gear and samples back to us, don’t use the label we provided. Print a new one at the FedEx location. Thank you!

Ship to:

Adventure Scientists
407 W Main St. #8
Bozeman, MT 59715

I want to continue sampling, what do I need to do?
You can Request More Envelopes if you need more supplies. Also, be sure to sign up for additional locations on the Maps & Permits page.


If you have additional inquires, reach out to us at timber@adventurescientists.org!