Can I go into the field alone to collect data?
Ideally, we’d like you to bring at least one other person when you head out to collect data. This person can assist with collecting auxiliary data (e.g, site observations, GPS points, date, time, photos, etc.), but may not help you collect primary data (e.g., handle specimens).

Can I train my friends to collect data?
No. Adventure Scientists is solely responsible for the training of each of our volunteers. Your friends may help you take a GPS point or photos, but if they want to be more involved in sample collection, they’ll need to be trained. Please send your friends our way to get trained as official volunteers!

When do I get gear?
We send out one gear kit per team and we send it to the designated team leader. The team leader was the first person to apply for the project. If you are a team member, you likely got a link to sign up for the project from your team leader. Once the team leader completes the online training and signs a waiver, we’ll send the gear kit!

I’ve collected all my samples! What do I do with this increment borer?
Please return the increment borer to us. We’ll need it to send out the next group of volunteers. Mail the borer to Adventure Scientists 407 W Main St. #8 Bozeman, MT 59715.
If you would like to consider shipping costs as a donation, thank you!

I’m having trouble reaching branches to collect twigs!

  • Check for nearby, smaller black walnuts. If they are within 100 meters, you can take core samples from the large tree and leaflet/twigs from the smaller trees. The genetics will be close. Just note that you did this in the “notes” section of Survey123.
  • We have done some testing and have wrist-mounted slingshots that we can send you! With the slingshot, you’ll be able to send a small weight attached to fishing line high into the canopy. Then, use that fishing line to hoist the sawtoss tool, with a longer cord attached, up to the branch. For volunteers who haven’t received gear, we will include slingshots if you are in a southern state. If you already have gear, email us if you need one!
  • Finally, if all else fails, the lab can extract DNA from the tree core itself. If you absolutely cannot get leaflets and twigs, get a core.



If you have additional inquires, reach out to us at timber@adventurescientists.org!