On Saturday July 20th, join Adventure Scientists for a Volunteer Field Day focused on regenerating our national forests!

The Problem: Forests in the western United States are being devastated by wildfires, climate change, disease, and other factors, diminishing their ability to regenerate. Reforestation efforts are increasingly crucial, but the United States Forest Service is currently only able to re-plant around 20% of National Forest lands that need reforestation – due to limited availability of native seed. We need more information about where “cone crops” are located, so that seed can be efficiently collected and used to regenerate our forests!

The Solution: That’s where you come in! As part of Adventure Scientist’s 2024 Reforestation project, we will be hosting a Volunteer Field Day at the Boreal/Woodward Tahoe location. You will be trained to go out and record data about cone crops in the Tahoe National Forest. This critical data will be used for seed collection and reforestation. After being trained at our Field Day, you can also continue to do this important volunteer research work on your own time. 

Where and When:

Start the day with our volunteer training at Boreal from 10:00am. Breakfast will be provided from 9:30am!

You will learn: 

      • What a conifer “cone crop” is, and how to identify male vs female cone cones 
      • How to identify different conifer tree species
      • Where to scout for cone crops in your local national forest
      • And more!

Head out into the Tahoe National Forest nearby and collect data on cone crops for the afternoon 

Meet back up at Boreal for a celebratory happy hour to connect with our volunteer community. Drinks will be provided, and prizes will be given out for most data collected. Join us anytime between 2-4pm when you’re ready after your fieldwork.

Who can join: All are welcome to join – no research experience required. Volunteers must be 18+ to collect data, but we welcome folks of all ages to join the training and celebration. 

More event details will be sent when you RSVP! We hope to see you there.

Adventure Scientists recruits, trains and manages volunteers to gather high-quality data at scale for scientific partners (NGOs, government agencies, researchers and more) who are focused on solving critical environmental challenges.