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We specialize in collecting high-quality data that our partners use to amplify and accelerate their missions. Utilizing our global network of specialized volunteers, we provide access to data on any scale, from anywhere. ​

​We know that gaining access to data requires funding, time, and skills that are frequently unavailable. Throughout the entire process, your limited time remains yours. Adventure Scientists uses a proven approach to recruit, train and manage volunteers selected for your particular needs.

Additional Services:

  • Technology audit – through our advisors and various partnerships, we are able to offer a full review of the latest and greatest field-collection technologies available. Whether it’s drones, sensors, camera traps, or machine learning, we can help design the most time- and cost-effective way to get you the data you need.
  • Media and outreach – We have a proven track record of attracting national and international press. Our media team can help you share your work with the world.
  • Project development assistance – We offer selected partners a grant-writer, who will help identify and draft project funding appeals.

Data Integrity

Our priority is data quality. Whether you need water samples from rivers around the world or sensors placed in the jungle, we work with you to adapt and design protocols that yield data you can trust. We complete a QA/QC process before projects begin and monitor data quality throughout project lifespans.


“Working with Adventure Scientists has saved numerous person-hours, which eventually translates to quite a bit of cost savings in addition to time-savings.”
– Liza Holeski, Northern Arizona University

“Adventure Scientists was crucial in conducting the Olympic National Forest’s winter marten surveys, and this season’s work would not have been such a success without their efforts.”
– Betsy Howell, U.S. Forest Service Biologist

“With a diverse team of volunteers we were able to cover a huge amount of ground, and our efforts may ultimately help protect bears and their habitat.”
-Whitney Leonard, Natural Resources Defense Council

See how working with Adventure Scientists allowed Abby Bowers to amass the world’s most extensive dataset on microplastic pollution.

Project Costs

We operate on a fee-for-service basis. Our pricing is dependent on the number of volunteers, how specialized they need to be, timeline, and the technicality of protocols. We are a 501c.3 nonprofit organization.

Not Your Average Volunteer

We recruit and screen specialized volunteers for each project who are comfortable in the environments from which you need data. These individuals can therefore focus on following protocols without distraction. Additionally, they (1) pay close attention to detail, (2) are creative problem solvers, and (3) are able to share their experiences via the rich tradition of storytelling that is at the heart of the outdoor community.

​Through their participation in our projects, Adventure Scientists volunteers become informed ambassadors for the species, places and issues with which they work, all around the world. See the starting point of each expedition on the map below.

What to Expect

After our project scope is finalized, we begin a 6-8 month project build.  

Once you fill out a project inquiry form, we dive in to explore the data-collection solution that most cost-effectively meets your needs. 
Further questions? Contact our Project Development team directly: pd@adventurescientists.org

Microplastics: Planning Your Own Project?

We designed the process and protocols for our local microplastics research based on learnings from our epic Global Microplastics Initiative. In the spirit of open science, we’ve compiled the basics of our strategy and best practices to help you design and execute similarly successful projects in your own region. Take a look and get in touch with any questions you have.

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