Guest Media Entries

Collecting samples for the Microplastics Project (Photo by Danica Cowen)

At Adventure Scientists, we believe in empowering our adventurers to make a difference in conservation. Equally important is sharing stories of these experiences.

The organization has as many voices as volunteers—hundreds at any given time. For this reason, we feature media by guest contributors on Field Notes, as well as our social media and other outlets including the National Geographic Voices and 1% for the Planet blogs.

The guidelines below outline suggestions for crafting a blog entry. We reserve the right to edit all submissions; when possible, we’ll send you the edited version to review for accuracy before it goes live. 

Most importantly, have fun! 


To submit a post, email the text and photos as attachments to Please include captions, photo credits and info on related social media.


Let’s maximize the number of people seeing your Adventure Scientists story. Here are a few pointers:

  • Share the link to your blog entry via email, and on your social media outlets. In the text field, portray your excitement and the importance of your work with Adventure Scientsits.
  • Tag us on social:
    @adventurescience and #adventurescience on Instagram
    @adventurscience on Twitter
    @Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation on Facebook
  • Spread the news to other by tagging relevant pages, or asking them to share, as well.
  • Tell your friends about Adventure Scientists!

Adventure Scientsits’ latest stories,
photos and videos


The Field Notes blog has featured personal accountsstunning photo essaysshort videosaudio recordings of live music played in the field, and original poetry. Please keep submissions shorter than 500 words, and do not overtly advertise or saturate them with links. 


  • Tell an adventure story

      A personal story of a favorite (or least favorite) moment from
your adventure will let readers feel like they’re there with you.

  • Explain your connection to Adventure Scientists

      How and when did you hear about us? What drew you to the
organization and inspired you to volunteer? 

  • Tell us about your project

      Write about your connection to your Adventure Scientists project. What was data
collection like? What did you learn? Why was this important to you? 

  • Write about conservation

      How did collecting data affect or change your adventure? Did
you feel like you were contributing to something important?
Did it change the way you viewed the world around you?