Need to receive high quality data and have someone manage the rest?

Many of our partners find that their collection desires outstrip their capacity to build and manage a large-scale project. Our team of project managers, technology experts, and experienced field scientists will collaborate with you to design, build, and execute a data collection effort at any scale.

Full Project Management includes each of the following services:

1. Project Design and Feasibility Research

Our full project management services begin with a feasibility and project design effort.

2. Project Build

We build the project infrastructure necessary to collect your data, including trainings, quality control and permit sourcing.

3. Project Management

Our staff remains involved throughout field collection to ensure that volunteers are safe, engaged, and supported to collect quality data. ​Likewise, our team handles data, logistics, and challenges that come along with managing a large-scale, multi-year field effort so that your time and resources can be used more efficiently to analyze or act on the data. ​

In addition to the services above, full project management includes:

Volunteer Recruiting & Screening

We carefully screen volunteers with the required outdoor experience to ensure that they can execute the protocol safely and efficiently.

Volunteer Management

Once they are trained and equipped, we continue to support volunteers by answering questions, troubleshooting data collection or logistical challenges, sending reminders and updates, and celebrating our volunteers for their service.

Data Management

In addition to compiling and cleaning datasets, we create real-time dashboards so that our partners and volunteers can track their efforts throughout the field season.

Sample Management

We manage shipping, storage, and delivery of physical samples to our scientific partners for analysis, including samples that require cold storage or other special handling.

Reporting and Outreach

We compile progress or final reports as needed by our partners, use our networks to share and elevate research results, and release open-source datasets wherever possible.

Case Study: Antibiotic Resistance, Harvard University

To combat antibiotic-resistance microbial “superbugs” through genome research, Harvard needed animal scat samples collected from around the world. They selected our full project service – we managed the project through delivering the samples.

“Adventure Scientists goes to places where others don’t generally go. [The organization] does a great job of explaining to adventurers what the approach is and how to package samples as best as they can given the challenges of being in extremely difficult locations and remote locations.
– Mike Gilmore, Director, Harvard Infectious Disease Institute

Working with Adventure Scientists Volunteers

Our staff stays in regular contact with our skilled volunteers throughout their volunteer experience. This ensures they:

  • work safely and ethically
  • receive timely updates about changing site accessibility
  • carry all necessary permit documentation
  • carefully adhere to the protocols
  • complete their data collection in a timely manner, and
  • receive any specific support they need to succeed.

We also stay in touch after they’ve completed their work to make sure they feel valued for their contributions and to keep them updated on the research they have supported.

Looking for a different service?

Project Design & Feasibility Research

​Feasibility, logistics, right-sizing data collection, budgeting, cultivating end users

Project Build

Volunteer training, quality control, permitting, equipment and technology sourcing

Volunteer Recruiting & Screening

Identifying field support needs, recruiting portal buildout, recruiting and screening​