About Us

Adventure Scientists® is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Bozeman, MT that equips partners with data collected from the outdoors that are crucial to addressing environmental challenges. By mobilizing and training outdoor enthusiasts and local communities to collect high-quality scientific data that are difficult to access, require too large a scale, or are too costly to obtain with traditional methods, we are a cost-effective and powerful accelerator to conservation around the world.

Special Ops for Conservation

Since our founding in 2011, Adventure Scientists has sent tens-of-thousands of volunteers and community members on missions to collect data from remote, difficult-to-access locations for our conservation partners. As a result, fungus from Everest has helped double crop yields in India, scat samples are aiding the battle against antibiotic-resistant “superbugs,” tree samples help confirm the origins of wood products and prevent illegal logging, and more land/wildlife/water management decisions are guided by the data they require.

Our work has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, and our volunteer adventurers are making a difference around the world. ​​


Our Model

By recruiting, training and managing individuals with strong outdoor skills — such as mountaineering, diving or whitewater kayaking — Adventure Scientists unlocks access to high-quality data from any environment, on any scale. We rely on the outdoor adventure community because they are comfortable in the outdoors and therefore can focus on following protocols. Through their participation in our projects, Adventure Scientists volunteers become informed ambassadors for the species, places and issues with which they work while gaining exposure to the STEM fields.

Our international work is developed alongside partners working with local communities. We utilize the combination of our experience, systems, trainings, and technology, paired with the traditional knowledge and practices of communities, to advance solutions that promote conservation, sustainable livelihoods, and good governance.

Featured Adventure Scientists Films

“Gregg Treinish: A MoveShake Story” by Red Reel Productions chronicles the work and passion of Adventure Scientists’ founder and executive director. The film won a “Moving Mountains” award at MountainFilm in Telluride, Colorado, and an Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – Northern California

“Grizzly Tracking with Citizen Scientists” by BarrelMaker Productions highlights Adventure Scientists’ work searching for grizzly bears with veterans in the Tobacco Root Mountains, Montana.